R M I World Services LLC
Semper Vigilans

About Us

R M I World Services is a small elite group of security professionals, special operators, trainers, and consultants serving the governments, multinational corporations, at-risk high-net individuals and their immediate family throughout the Americas and around the world.


R M I World Services LLC, Security Consultant, Guaynabo, PR


Our Specialty

R M I specializes in Upscale Security Services and Protective Operations including International Travel Services and other Worldwide Special Operations Capable Services as well as Professional Security, Law Enforcement and Tactical Training.



  • SabreRed OC
  • ASP
  • Phazzer


  • National Security Consulting
  • Executive Protection Programs
  • Secure Transportation
  • Threat Assessments
  • Risk Analysis
  • Motion Picture Technical Advisors and Consultants (SEC/LEO/MIL/MA)
  • Special Operations
  • Training and Seminars

Why Us

What sets us apart from other providers is that we are passionate about the services we provide. We believe in self-preservation and the right to protect yourself. However, to succeed in protecting others, it is most important to recognize Human Life as the number one priority, and protecting the Human Life is what we do best. R M I also counts with all necessary elements, personnel, and equipment to protect other important assets with the same responsibility and commitment. Last but not least, our firm manages every client with the highest level of secrecy knowing that every person's information should be treated with extreme discretion to keep all affairs in full confidential compliance. Contact us for a consultancy.

Hours of Operation



Metro Office Park 7
Suite 204
Guaynabo, PR 00968

Contact Us

Telephone Numbers:

PR 787-417-7275

FL 786-628-2880 (Miami)

FL 407-329-2929 (Orlando)

TX 469-581-0017 (Dallas)

CA 619-732-3207 (San DIego)