Now every company can take advantage of the internet to promote their business.

We currently offer website plans to fit any company.

There are two main options for creating your site:


Member profiles are one page websites. They have internal links down the page. There are currently several simple website templates available to choose from, and more profiles will be added in the future. You can choose from these samples and maintain the profile yourself through our site.

The URL for your company's profile will be


Custom Websites

Too busy to do it on your own, or looking for something more advanced? Let us handle it. Our Custom Websites are maintained by us at Hurdman Communications, Inc. so you don't have to worry about it. The site is designed by us according to your preferences and suggestions, and you provide the content. Take a look at the current pricing plans for our custom website support and hosting. We have several plans to choose from so that you have access to what's right for your company.

The URL for your company's purchased website can be whatever you'd like that is currently available and is included in the service we provide at no extra charge.