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Hurdman Communications, Inc.
(HCI) is a full service web site development, and hosting company and Interactive Voice Response (IVR) solution provider. We are devoted to providing businesses with professional web page design, database development & integration, IVR, and Fax Back solutions. Founded in 1990, HCI has developed a strong reputation for quality service and cost effective solutions.

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Database -
eBINDr is an integrated data register that allows your office database to integrate with your phone system and website immediately and automatically. This product would be perfect for any company that maintains memberships or other lists of companies.

Otto -
This is our main communication vehicle. With Otto things are 'otto'matic. We send mail, email, faxes, and postcards. One of our hottest products is our Member Retention which sends timely communication to either customers or members based on timed logic. This allows you to send out thousands of pieces of communication while at the same time have different letters or postcards going to different people. For example, you could set up 'Otto' to send 1 postcard to customers that purchased in the past 2 months, and a separate postcard for customers who haven't visited in 6 months, and still be able to have the system send a completely different postcard to any customer who's having a birthday that month. The possibilities are endless, all you need is to able to track the data that you will be basing your communication on. And one additional item on Otto is that EVERY letter, postcard, email, etc. can be completely customized to that customer. That means if you tracked that John Doe purchased a 'Gizmo' on January 3rd, the letter or postcard that they receive on your February mailing could say something like: "John, we just wanted to send you a letter to make sure you were enjoying the Gizmo that you purchased from us in January."

Whether you purchase our database system or not, you can get your phone system set up with prompts, etc. and even go as far as having the computer read custom items to the consumer when needed.

Web -
In this day and age, no company should be without a website. It allows customers to search their company and learn a little about them. We specialize in building data driven websites that interact with your office.

Custom Printing -
We print thousands of letters every day. Every letter that goes out is a customized communication piece directed to the receiver. Add to that our ability to print fully customized color prints at extremely low prices, fold, stuff, and mail them to your customers (if you want), and we can provide many of the same services as a full service mail house or printing company.

Why Us

Hurdman currently services over 100 Better Business Bureaus and have 22 years experience with building intergrated communication products. You can trust someone who has spent years gaining the trust of one of the most widely known organizations in the Country.



We are located in Bountiful, Utah. However, we service clients across the entire United States and Canada. The work we do utilizes cutting edge technology and as a communications company, we can work with you no matter where you are located.

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