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TRS is a full service telemarketing company specializing in advanced appointment setting and lead generation services customized to fit the specific needs of your individual market.

M-F 8:00am - 5:00pm PST

Our first year written commissions from the leads TeleContact Resource Services generated amounted to three times the cost of their services. When you add in that we renewed 90% of that first year commission, our return on investment with TRS is staggering!”

Dave W., Vice President, McGee Theilen Insurance



My firm has been very impressed using TeleContact to grow our online lead generation.  Within our first 3 months we’ve seen our web traffic increase over 500% and I’ve honestly never been busier.  Their email marketing approach is very creative, and their search engine marketing strategies are very progressive and cutting edge.  If you are looking to bulk up your lead generation efforts you need to trust the experts at TeleContact to take your agency to the next level.

Steve G., CEO, VantagePoint Benefits



Telecontact Resource Services has helped my small business tremendously! I used to spend hours a day calling for decision makers that were unavailable or no where to be found. The fact that my company has great products really didn’t matter! After signing with TRS I soon had an average of 5 qualified sales calls a day! The difference was night and day! Finally my phone time was spent speaking to people who cared about what I had to say and were a part of the buying decision if not the primary buyer. What a difference in my daily schedule, my morale and my ability to increase profitability! How great to know that the funnel is always being refilled for me. What a lifeblood investment! TRS is a lifesaver!

Heather D., Owner, Purple Pebble LLC



I had $10,000 to invest in marketing. After much thought, I decided to put out into telemarketing with TRS knowing I had 7 months of capital to generate a book of business large enough to continue the marketing. By the 6th month, my new revenue paid for TRS marketing every month. I've now doubled my marketing efforts, hired two sales people to assist with the leads, and am having the largest year ever in our company history. TRS continues to fulfill our lead expectations month after month and we are rolling out new product campaigns.

Everett L., Owner, EVCO



TeleContact Resource Services has proven to be a key factor in the continued growth of my business.  They manage to not only provide quality leads and appointments, but they do so while representing my IT company in an extremely professional manner.  I would highly recommend TeleContact as a strong marketing solution.

Grant H., Owner, Anchor Consulting Group


We were very impressed with how easy everyone at TRS was to work with. From providing help with writing the script to passing off leads several times a day – we received the support we needed. TRS was also very responsive to our needs. We ran the campaign right before the holidays. When we started to notice a drop-off in responses due to the holiday, TRS worked with us to limit the number of hours we spent at this time and instead prolonged the campaign until after the holidays.

We were also impressed by the fact that they not only set up appointments, but followed up with the prospect the day before to confirm this appointment - cutting down on the number of “no shows”, allowing us to focus our attention on the truly interested prospects. When we needed quick information to a customer survey, we turned to TRS and, again, were pleased with the results we got. Now, as we plan future campaigns, we’re constantly looking for ways in which we can use our newly discovered resource.

Janelle J., Account Specialist, California Chamber of Commerce



I'm involved in the credit card processing business & have attempted to use several companies to book appointments for me with small-medium sized businesses interested in switching providers to experience significant cost savings. TRS without a doubt is the best company I have come across thus far to help increase my merchant portfolio. Their telemarketers are experienced & extremely skilled as my schedule is booked solid daily from their efforts. They offer a complete turnkey system from lead generation, appt. setting, & appt. verification. My book of business has more than doubled solely due to the utilization of TRS. They offer a fair service for a fair price & their professionalism is unheralded. I wouldn't consider doing business without their assistance & wouldn't be as profitable without them so recommend them wholeheartedly!!!!

Wesley T., Owner, Terrell Payment Systems


LaRue Coffee has worked with TeleContact for a little over a year now. Besides taking the problems and distraction of having to manage an in house marketer you have also been a great source of sales appointments for our people. My compliments on the professional job your company has done for us.

Mark W., Marketing Manager, LaRue Coffee



TeleContact did a great job providing telemarketing services for my business. They consistently met or exceeded the goals we set with quality appointments. They worked with me to finely tune the program so the end result was a quality appointment with the decision maker. This lead to an increase in sales and greater profit since we were not wasting time selling to a non-qualified prospect. We had been through 2 other services, one much more expensive, prior to going with TeleContact and we found the results, quality and follow up with TeleContact was far superior. We loved the email notification of the appointment set with accompanying notes of the conversation, the confirmation of the appointment the day before and the ability to have them re-schedule the appointment when a schedule conflict arouse. Our account manager was always available and willing to help with any request.  


We used TeleContact for over 9 months with great results and only left because our corporate office decided to bring services in house, since that decision appointment quality and sales have decreased. I am hoping we will be allowed to go back to TeleContact shortly. Outsourcing the service to a specialist provided us a much better result at an overall lower cost. I would recommend TeleContact to any business who wants to take the marketing off their sales team’s desk and let them do more selling.

Galen W., Sales, Vehicle Tracking Solutions, Northwest



C.D. Simonian Insurance has been working with TeleContact Resource Services for approximately 9 months in efforts prospect and increase sales.  We have seen extremely positive results and have definitely realized a substantial return on investment.  We look forward to continuing our association with TeleContact Resource Services to continue increasing our book of business.

Karen C., Producer, C.D. Simonian Insurance Agency



For the past 11 years Barlocker Insurance has been consistently using TeleContact Resource Services for appointment setting and lead generation campaigns.

We have been thoroughly impressed with the way that they not only represent our company in a professional manner, but also produce quality results on a continual basis.

TeleContact has serviced many of our regional offices and their ability to customize each campaign is a testament to their strong flexibility.  Their staff is reliable, their methods are innovative, and their services are profitable.

They have proven to be an integral part of our company’s continued growth and success and I strongly recommend their services.

Bill B., Partner, Barlocker Insurance Services


Unmatched Quality


-          We are a national call center who boasts an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau, and have maintained Accredited Member status since 1994.

-          We guarantee quality results by utilizing a stringent 14 point quality control checklist for all lead generation activity.

-          Our state of the art call center technology keeps your call volume high WITHOUT the use of predictive dialing – keeping live callers on the phone at all times to ensure your business is professionally represented.

-          All call center agents are based in the U.S. and located in one central call center.  There are no language barriers to fear, and no unsupervised virtual agents representing your company.


Proven Results


-          All leads generated are exclusive.  Of the more than 1 million leads we’ve generated for our clients not one of them has been shared with direct competitors.

-          Our guaranteed lead exclusivity means you experience lower competition, higher closing rates, and a stronger return on your marketing dollar.

-          On average our clients see an annualized return between 200% - 500% for every marketing dollar spent.

-          Our telemarketing solutions can be easily customized to facilitate our client’s needs.  Choose from: scheduled appointments, live transfer opportunities, scheduled phone appointments, surveys, lead pre-qualification, automated voice broadcasting, data cleansing or a variety of other campaign objectives.


Market-Specific Experience


-          With proven success in more than 50 different industries, we offer unrivaled marketing expertise to help you penetrate your individual market faster, and more effectively.

-          We have a national presence with more than 3,000 clients spanning all 50 states.

-          Our services are equally utilized by startups on shoe string budgets, and Fortune 500 clients who demand customized, scalable solutions.

-          Our sales representatives are experienced in understanding your sales goals and marketing messages, and our call agents are trained and developed as industry specialists.


Cutting Edge Technology


-          Our proprietary call center management system allows our agents to dial up to 4 to 5 times more efficiently than our clients can alone – saving time and money.

-          Advanced pipeline building allows us to not only setup real-time lead activity, but automates future follow-ups to keep your pipeline full, and your lead stream steady

-          Caller I.D. masking ensures that every call we make on your behalf, looks and feels like it’s coming right from your office yielding additional inbound lead activity

-          Integrate our additional marketing solutions like email and search engine marketing to reach prospects across the internet and channel additional leads for your business