River City Rain Custom Sprinkler Service
Complete Residential Irrigation & Landscape

River City Rain Custom Sprinkler Service is a local Sacramento Landscaping Contractor

River City Rain Custom Sprinkler Service specializes full landscaping services. CSLB #803844

River City Rain Custom Sprinkler Service is a Licensed & Bonded Landscaping Contractor

We are also an A+ Rated BBB Accredited Business

River City Rain Custom Sprinkler Service, Landscape Contractors, Sacramento, CA

We provided diagnose, repair, design & installation, electrical & landscape lighting services.

We can fix your irrigation problem including valves, sprinkler heads &

lines. Drip irrigation is no mystery for us to diagnose and repair. Tracking

down malfunctioning operations is frustrating. Let me solve these

problems for you. I am familiar with the problems in the Sacramento

region. Designing a system that will serve your needs, be adaptable to

changes and install new systems in mature landscapes or in yards under

construction, is our expertise. We can rehabilitate your sprinkler system

for improved coverage and water conservation.

We can design, install, troubleshoot and fix your outdoor related electrical

problems. Whether it's your irrigation controller, valves not turning on,

lost wires or low voltage landscape lighting not working, we can solve the


24 Hour Service Mon-Sun

Daniel Morrow 916 995-3303 www.rivercityrain.com