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Gary Gilbert Garcia General Contractor is a BBB Accredited Concrete Contractor in Rescue, CA In 1978 I joined the carpenters union as an apprentice carpenter. After four years of apprenticeship I became a journeyman carpenter, working on commercial projects from hospitals to high rise buildings. Most of these projects were based on large scale structural concrete.

In 1988 I became a licensed general contractor and a couple years after that I added a C-8 concrete concrete contractors license to my business. In 1990 I attended a private construction estimating school & graduated from the UC Davis Construction Management Program. I also joined the El Dorado Builders Exchange where I was awarded Member of the Year In 1991. I also served on the Board of Directors in 1992.

In 1992 I became fascinated with decorative concrete and attended every class, seminar and deminar I could, along with my employees. We were one of the very first contractors in northern California to do decorative stamping, overlays, stencils and staining.

In 1999 we were pleasantly surprised when Sunset Magazine chose our project, the Wilson Residence home in Cameron Park Estates, as one of the Top Projects of the Year. That was followed up by pictures in Concrete Decor Magazine and pictures in the information guide from Mason Select Concrete Stains. WOW! In 2004 I passed the hardest test ever. I became an A.C.I (American Concrete Institute) Certified flatwork finisher.

In 2006 after countless hours training and certification by a dozen manufacturers, along with several classes at the World of Concrete, I earned a Masters in Decorative Concrete. I learn something almost every day about concrete and I love it. I still attend several seminars a year. (530) 676-5512

Acid Stains

Acid Stains or Reactive Stains as they are also known add color that can be subtle or vibrant. They are used in doors and outdoor. Acid Stains will open the door to a whole new palette of creative expression. Thousands of different looks can be achieved ranging from the understated elegance of weathered leather to the ageless beauty of natural stone. These stains leave a variegated finish that flow with warm earth tone colors that are truly amazing. Acid stains can be applied to any concrete, old or new. New concrete must first be cured for at least 30 days. On overlays, stains can usually be applied after 24-48 hours. All stained concrete is sealed to “bring out the color” and to give protection to the finish work. Acid Stains

Concrete Countertops & Furniture

Concrete Countertops & Furniture are gaining popularity in every area. From custom residential kitchens to restaurants, institutions, grocery stores, commercial and industrial applications.

Why? Because concrete counters have a timeless beauty that brings together art and function. Concrete counters and tabletops can be polished to a mirror finish. One of the most popular enhancements involves re-cycled glass chips. They are available in many colors and sizes; the look is incredible.

Another beautiful finish is achieved by using Mother of Pearl along with other similar precious stones.


Exposed aggregate

An Exposed Aggregate finish is one of the popular concrete finishes of all time. It is the process of washing away the concrete paste to expose the rock in the concrete.

There are about fifty types of aggregates that are very popular to use and hundreds of others that are used for specialty finishes. These aggregates come in warm earth-tone colors or vibrant mixes with other colored rock.

Exposed aggregate wears very well, and looks better over time as the aggregate becomes smoother with wear.

Exposed aggregate

Pavers Pavers

Concrete Repair and Restoration

About half of all the work we do falls under this category. Unfortunately not all contractors use the best quality of materials and/or follow A.C.I (American Concrete Institute)

Guidelines for installation.

We can repair cracked concrete with epoxy or re-surface old concrete with a concrete overlay that will make the concrete look brand new. With an endless amount of textures from a micro-topping of less than 1/16” thick to whatever the project calls for.

If you have stamped, stained or other decorative concrete that needs to be re-colored to look new again we have the tools and the knowledge.

Some of the services we provide for restoration are, power scrubbing, rotary power washing, dustless grinding, chemical cleaning, crack repair, polymer overlays, re-coloring and sealing.

And for those jobs that just can’t be repaired these is “the jackhammer.”


Rock Salt

The rock salt finish is the most popular finish of all when it comes to swimming pool decks. It is also widely used as a finish for patios, driveways, and walkways.

Rock salt, with colored concrete looks great. If this finish is used with a color hardener then you have a concrete project that can withstand many years of use with great color.

This process involves hand broadcasting rock salt on freshly placed concrete. Then the rock salt is embedded into the concrete with a heavy roller or by depressing the rock salt into the concrete with a trowel. Once the concrete has dried for 2-3 days the rock salt is washed out of the concrete surface with water to dissolve the rock salt and expose small depressions in the concrete.


All Decorative Concrete must be sealed! Why? Because sealing your concrete will do two very important things. One is to help protect your investment. Protection against food stains such as, ketchup, wine, coffee etc. It also helps give protection from pool chemicals, acids, etc.

There are many different types of concrete sealers. There is no one sealer that can do it all. For outdoor concrete we use a solvent base acrylic with an anti-slip additive.

For concrete countertops an epoxy primer with urethane is the best way to go.

On interior floors we can use a water-base acrylic, solvent base acrylic, urethane or epoxy, whatever meets the owners needs best.

These sealers are available in wet-look, high gloss, semi gloss, egg shell sheen or natural with no change in appearance.

Stamped Concrete

Stamped concrete is a process that leaves the finished concrete with an embossed texture and color. This is a beautiful and long lasting finish that will bring years of enjoyment. The fresh concrete can be pattern stamped like Ashler Cut Stone, Random Stone, etc. or texture stamped.

Our most popular finish is Fine Italian Slate.

With over 18 years of stamped concrete in place we have a system that works. Look at any of our jobs that have been in use and you will see that the colors still match the color chart after 18 years.

Water Base Acrylic Stains

Acrylic stains are a great way to add color to any concrete floor. These stains have a much larger color palette than any other stain and take advantage of unique variations in color, texture and porousness of each different concrete surface. It is designed to accent those variations with the same kind of beautiful multi-hued appearances found in many natural stone surfaces.

They are highly UV resistant to fading. I prefer to use this system only for indoor use. I use these stains in almost all of my floor art work and they have proven to wear great.

The products that we use on your project have been thoroughly tested by me in all types of weather, chemical attacks, moisture, and abuse. My concrete artisan finishers and I have been trained by these manufactures on how to properly use their products. For some, we have been trained multiple times just to stay “fresh.”

There are many other products that we have been trained to use but do not install. This is because they have been tested by me and do not hold up to the manufactures claims and/or my standards.

Every product we install has been tested by me for a minimum of one year before it gets used on a customers job!

Why do our products perform so well after ten, fifteen, twenty years of service? Because we know what works. Colors that stay true year after year. Not convinced? Then go see for yourself. The proof is in the pudding!


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