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Licensed General Contractor (California Lic.#850019)

Providing home repairs, remodeling and Handyman services.  Specializing in mobile homes.  Compasion for the Elderly and Disabled.  Honest and Trustworthy ... you can feel safe when I am in your home!






4 BBB Customer Reviews

If it has to do with your home, I can do it!

About the only thing I don't like to do is painting, but if it needs to be done, I will do it.  You are charged based on an hourly rate.  Service calls (for the first hour are set at $75.00.  Larger projects require a contract, with your costs calculated out specific to your project.  Labor, materials, permits and mark-up are clearly described.

  • Electrical: Troubleshooting. Add new circuits, add or replace switches and outlets, hang lamps, fans, install thermostats, dryer hookups, appliance hookups and more.
  • Plumbing: From A to Z.
  • Carpentry: From frame to finish, (small projects remodels, room additions.
  • Concrete/Masonry: Will form, pour, and finish your small projects.  (Up to 5 yards)
  • Roof Repair: Small roofing repairs.  Install and service rain gutters.
  • Phone lines: Will install, repair, move, ECT, your residential phone lines (from service box).
  • General: Hang blinds, curtains, pictures and shelves. Install and/or repair fence

My name is Lee Mortier.  I know I was born with tools already in my hands.  I love working with tools.  Ten years in busines on September 22, 2013.

I retired from the US Forest service after 28 plus years as a Wildland Fire fighter.  Of course, wildland fires are most prevalent during the summer and fall.  So what does a wildland firefighter do during the slow season?  Most have other skills that are used.  My forte was skills in carpentry, plumbing, electrical, sheetrock (drywall) installation, concrete, masonry, tiling, flooring, and other maintenance and repair work.  I received several cash awards and commendations for my work.

The Forest Service was not my only outlet for using my repair and maintenance skills.  I have owned a few homes, each with varying needs, from a brand new home needing landscape and personal touches, to buying fixer-uppers (my favorites).  I have upgraded electrical systems.  Lots of drywall, retaining walls, concrete work, framing, window installations, plumbing installations, doors, additions, tile, flooring and more.

A-SAP is a continuance of what I love to do — build and fix, make a little money and have fun.  Customer service is my number one goal, providing a quality job at a reasonable price.

Phone: 209 536-9465

Cell: 209 770-5517

Email: lmortier@mlode.com


It seems like only yesterday I started my business.  Ten years has gone by fast!  I am still very busy with your projects.  Seems like I got myself into manufactured homes ... word has spread that I have expertise in this type of home; and boy, did business pick up.  Yet, still working on many of your stick built homes keeps me very busy.

The citation is behind me ... I thank all of you who supported me through that awful mess.  Those nasty folks knew how to use the system!  I choose my clients very carefully now ... lessoned learned.

For my clients who actually look at my website ... I am offering a 10% discount on labor through December 31, 2013.  Just tell me you saw this offer on my website.






May 2013 ... Well a decision was made!  I have to pay a fine of $1000.00.  Guess I should not have represented myself.  However, most of you know that I always do my best for each and everyone of my customers; and I will continue.  I will not let these greedy people get the best of me.  Thanks everyone for your support through this ordeal.  It is now behind me.

February 2013 ... Most of you are aware that I was issued a citation from CSLB arising from a complaint from a money hungry client.  After three years; the Hearing was finally held.  It was a waste of time.  Thank you all for your support.  Read the email I sent responding to the Attorney General representing CSLB.

From: Lee [lmortier@mlode.com]

Sent: Wednesday, February 20, 2013 17:01

To: 'Jeffrey.Phillips@doj.ca.gov'; 'Sac Filings@DGS'

Subject: RE: Case # 2011110137 - A-SAP Home Repairs and Maintenance

Importance: High

Mr. Phillips! You are just too much. Your apparent hatred towards me is unprofessional and I find your approach to the legal system disgusting. Your observable boredom with the proceedings was disrespectful to the court and me.

You wait until three days to the due date to challenge my evidence of payment. YOU and the Judge both agreed that cancelled checks would suffice as evidence of payment; which I was able to reproduce and send to you on Friday, February 15, 2013. You continue to question whether I paid this and how much. I testified (under oath), that Elizer and Meyerson LLC; was the law office assigned to collect the $12,500.00 paid to the Tracy's in 2010. I had a letter from Elizer and Meyerson LLC added as evidence (the only proof I ever received that I paid the bond back). You rejected and convinced the judge to not accept.

Why was it less that$12,000.00? I testified (under oath) that the bond company offered a 30% reduction. Why was it paid in separate payments? The bond company allowed me to make two separate payments. Why was it paid in 2012? The bond company; through Elizer and Meyerson LLC, did not attempt to collect until 2012. Why (?), because my bond did not expire until 2012.

Know that when this is over, I intend to follow-up with a letter to Kamala Harris, California Attorney General, and Governor, Jerry Brown; exposing your conduct and waste of taxpayers' money. Certainly, you will be protected, yet I will feel better.

You Sir are arrogant and full of yourself. You have treated this case, especially me with the uttermost disrespect, and have considered me guilty from the time you accepted the case. Furthermore, the way you treated that Tuolumne County employee, when she would not give you the key to hearing room on February 14th, was an embarrassment to you and your office. She was doing her job and following rules; yet you intimidated her as if you were more important than the rules she was attempting to enforce.

Sadly, I did not hire an attorney to challenge you and your so-called expert witness. Your expert witness was bias, as well as misinformed on many details of the case. He gave several facts that were false or hearsay (your favorite word); yet when I attempted to get him to clarify, you objected or called it hearsay. You know nothing about me ... you questioned my integrity, honesty, knowledge and professionalism based on unfounded information. Yet, you would not allow me to defend myself; as you objected to every statement I would make in my own defense.

You had the burden of proof and used your knowledge of the law to make it appear that I took advantage of the Tracy's; along with lying to the judge, to find me "GUILTY." Mrs. Tracy lied under oath! All I had was my honesty and compassion; with a story (testimony) that I was not allowed to tell!

In conclusion, I have contacted my insurance broker who is finding me a contact to obtain some documentation that I have satisfied the bond payment. I hope to have this information to the judge by Friday, February 22, 2012.

Lee Mortier

A-SAP Home Repairs

Lic 850019


4 BBB Customer Reviews

Hi Lee

Some info for you---------the following will be of interest to you.  Sherry is our secretary, as you know, for our homeowner association and writes the quarterly “newspaper” for our community called “Nextdoor Apple Valley Estates”.  You may find some more phone calls from our neighbors inquiring about your fine services.  When we find a great service provider with good references, Sherry will mention them in our neighborhood house organ.


From: sherry

Sent: Tuesday, October 22, 2013 9:13 PM

To: Jimbarth

Subject: Re: Lee Mortier - A-SAP

Jim - I really value your recommendation!  I was very impressed with Lee, and I intend to let folks know on "Nextdoor Apple Valley Estates" about his services.  I know he is busy, but if folks are patient, and can wait for him, I think the wait will be worth it!

Thanks again for a great resource.

Best to you and Donna,


From: "Jimbarth

To:  sherry

Sent: Tuesday, October 22, 2013 9:01:43 PM
Subject: Re: Lee Mortier - A-SAP


Lee is the BEST when it comes to someone for home services and repair.  He just completed a shower facet repair and annual servicing to a heater/a/c unit for my son last SUNDAY.  It is like him to go the extra mile, even on a Sunday (at no addition cost) to make the customer happy.  He is quite busy these days with a complete bathroom overhaul that takes much of his time.  He tries to make himself available, even on weekends if he can.

Lee is a rare breed when it comes to finding a trusted “fix-it” person-----he is the best.  You are right---if he thinks he is not the best to handle a job he knows who to contact that does.  We plan to have him do a restoration to one of our bathrooms after the first of the year.  He has done a lot of work for Donna and me and we can’t say enough about his work.


From: sherry

Sent: Tuesday, October 22, 2013 6:46 PM

To: James & Donna Barth

Subject: Lee Mortier - A-SAP

Hi Jim,

I have contacted Lee Mortier about several projects for AVEMHA.  He has been terrific in getting back to me -- but he's quite busy, and what I really like about him is if he doesn't feel like he's the best person for the task, he lets me know! 

Thanks so much for that referral - I will be keeping his information handy!

Best regards,



I called Lee Mortier after finding his name and business on Angie's List - he had an "A". He responded within minutes of my phone call with a call-back and was at my residence within 2 hours and immediately went to work replacing sheet rock, taping and spackling. I asked him his opinion and whether he would replace all the connections in the house because the Quest plumbing was, as my insurance agent stated, "Another accident waiting to happen." Since he was doing this, I had a new kitchen faucet and garbage disposal installed, which he was glad to do. He arrived at the time he designated and went immediately to work, finishing before 4:30 pm. He also gave me an estimate on how much a certain painting project would cost me.....even tho' painting isn't his favorite thing to do.
I am wonderfully pleased with this man! He is pleasant, prompt, cheerful and does good work. He seems knowledgeable in about every area and now......He's my "go-to" person. Awesome service! He will be back again!!!!

Janice O. SONORA, CA 95370

Excellent work. Up & above beyond the call of duty. Did work under the house in the crawl space. 


Thank goodness we found Lee, owner of ASAP - he's our on-call handyman (my friends call him "rent-a-husband"). He has done everything from replace a water heater, kitchen faucets, microwave oven, build a small fence and now a real challenge. We've had major water damage and he has already replaced drywall, and is scheduled to paint, reinstall cabinetry, moldings, etc., coordinating with plumber and hardwood flooring installers. As a retired couple, we keep him busy. He's efficient, reasonable (senior discount, too) and we now consider him a friend.


I would highly recommend ASAP to do most any kind of work you need done. Lee seems very skilled in many different areas. He has been a wonderful help for me for things I could not do myself and is very reasonable for us senior folks... so give him a call and you will not be disappointed with the quality of his work.


I had Lee do some extensive repair work for termite and dry rot damage on a mobile home back in Oct-Nov 2012 time frame. He was very good at keeping me posted on his progress by emailing me photo's of the repair work as well as updates by phone. In my opinion he went above and beyond what was required and finished on time and under budget. He took on the project as if it was his home and the repair and finishing work reflected it. I would have him do work for me again and would highly recommend him to anyone needing repair work around their home. It's not always easy to find reliable contractors these days, but Lee is very reliable and will get it done right the first time.


I saw Lee's truck in the parking lot at OSH over two years ago just when I was trying to find someone to do home repairs on my dad's house. I took down the phone number and called him the same day. Long story short, Lee did many home repairs at my dad's. He can pretty much do anything you need, at a reasonable cost. He has also has done work at our home, same thing there. He has always been very fast and does nice work. He has done a couple of last minute jobs for me too. You won't be disappointed if you have work done by Lee.